Glossary Of Sanskrit Terms P-S

Sudama Vipra – a poor householder friend and devotee of Lord Krsna who was given immeasurable riches by the Lord.
Sudarsana cakra – the disc weapon of the Supreme Lord.
Suddha-sattva – the spiritual platform of pure goodness.
Sudra – a laborer; the fourth of the Vedic social orders.
Sudrani – the wife of a [sudra].
Sukadeva Gosvami – the great devotee sage who spoke [Srimad-Bhagavatam] to King Pariksit just prior to the King's death.

The body is yours—but it is not you. The body is a garment that you are wearing, a machine that you are using, a vehicle that you are driving. The body is your possession. Just as a person does not identify himself as being the shirt he is wearing, he also should not identify himself with the body that he is wearing.
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Sukla – a person in the mode of goodness; also, a name for Lord Visnu.
Sukla-yajur Veda – a version of the [Yajur Veda.]
Sukra – [See:] Sukracarya
Sukracarya – the spiritual master of the demons.
Sukrti – pious persons.
Sunanda – one of the chief personal servants of Lord Narayana in His spiritual abode, Vaikuntha.
Sunitha – the wife of King Anga and mother of Vena.
Suniti – the mother of Dhruva Maharaja.
Supersoul – [See:] Paramatma
Surabhi cows – spiritual cows, in the spiritual world, which yield unlimited quantities of milk.
Suras – demigods or devotees.
Suruci – the stepmother of Dhruva Maharaja.
Surya – the demigod of the sun.
Susupti – deep sleep, one of the three levels of material consciousness.
Suta Gosvami – the great devotee sage who recounted the discourses between Pariksit and Sukadeva to the sages assembled in the fo rest of Naimisaranya.
Sutapa – the name of Vasudeva in a previous birth.
Sutra-the intermediate manifestation of the [mahat – tattva,] when it is predominated by the mode of passion.
Svabhavya – a scripture.
Svaha-the wife of Agni, the fire – god.
Svami – a controller of the mind and senses; the title of one in the renounced, or [sannyasa,] order.
Svamsas – nondifferent plenary expansions of the Lord.
Svar – the upper material planets.
Svargaloka – the heavenly planets of the material world.
Svarupa – one's original, spiritual form.
Svarupa-siddhi – the perfection of attaining one's original, spiritual form.
Svarupa-vismrti – forgetting one's real constitutional position.
Svayambhu-the "self – born one," Lord Brahma.
Svayambhuva Manu – the Manu who appears first in Brahma's day and who was the grandfather of Dhruva Maharaja.
Svayamvara – the ceremony in which a princess is allowed to choose her husband.
Svetadvipa – the spiritual planet where Lord Visnu resides within the material universe.
Svetasvatara Upanisad – one of the 108 [upanisads]. That very clearly presents the Vaisnava point of view regarding the Lord and the living entity.
Swami – [See: Sannyasa] order.
Syamasundara – the Supreme Personality of Godhead, Krsna, who is blackish and very beautiful.