Beyond Psychic Powers (Part 2)

The CIA estimates that the Russians are carrying out their psychic experiments in a top secret lab somewhere in Siberia. In addition, some 300 physicists, medical doctors, biochemists, and electrical engineers there are reportedly studying psychic motion, or the ability to move physical objects with the mind. The Post quotes researchers at the Lawrence Livermore Laboratory as saying that such psychics could move radioactive materials far enough to explode a nuclear bomb in its silo.

A quote from The Search for Superman by John L Wilhelm

"... 'Clearing' essentially removes from you enough of those blocks that you see the effects of the environment and then you can become 'aggressive.' "
"I'm going to do what I want in this universe."
You are master?


An interview with JAGAD GURU (Siddhaswarupananda Paramahamsa)

QUESTION: Why are people nowadays so interested in psychic or mystic powers?

JAGAD GURU: People want power. They want to increase their control.

QUESTION: Why is this?

JAGAD GURU: Because they want to enjoy. The desire to be the controller is based on the desire to be the enjoyer. I try to increase my physical and mental powers, or the muscles of my arms, or my bank account, or my psychic abilities so that I can control more efficiently. And why do I want to control? So that I can enjoy.

For example, say that you want to enjoy an apple. First you need to get a hold of it—only then can you bring it to our mouth and enjoy the taste of it. The aim then, is enjoyment; the means of achieving this enjoyment is by increasing my control.

Many methods are being offered to help people increase their control over other people or the environment. But all these methods have the same aim—to increase control in order to increase material gain or profit.

This desire for supernatural powers, therefore, springs from the same materialistic mentality. It is not a spiritual desire. In the material world where everyone is envious of God, everyone naturally wants to increase his power endlessly so that he can imitate God and try to be the enjoyer. Each person feels that he is the center, and that everything and everyone else exists only for his exploitation. This is our disease. It is based on the desire to be God. It is the same disease that Hiranyakashipu had.