Beyond Psychic Powers (Part 11)

We must understand these spiritual matters, in the light of the Vedic scriptures and literatures of the ancient science of yoga. Some people find it mystical, a mystery; they don't know anything about it. But the yogis do, just like doctors know about certain things in the body. A doctor isn't some Superman—he just knows the science, that's all. Similarly, the bhakti yogi—the devotee—knows what the siddhis, or psychic powers, are. But he is no longer interested in these powers.

Although innocent, foolish people are misled by so many nonsensical, so-called mystic yogis, the devotee is not misled. He knows where he stands. He knows the actual Source of power. He does not think he is the Source of power. Rather, he utilizes whatever powers or abilities he has for the glorification of the Supreme Person. He glorifies His Names, recognizing Him as the ultimate Source of power.

So whether you actually have powers or not is unimportant. Anyone and everyone can immediately begin to chant the Holy Names. Then they will become resituated in their natural position as loving servants of the Supreme Mystic, the Lord Himself.