Beyond Psychic Powers (Part 3)

QUESTION: So then if one has psychic powers, this does not make him perfect spiritually?

JAGAD GURU: No, of course not. Why is greater power connected with greater spirituality? What is the logic of that idea? If I am 7 feet tall and weigh 350 pounds, does it make rne any more spiritually advanced than a person who is 5 feet tall and weighs 90 pounds? Psychic powers are also material. The Supreme Person states:

Earth, water, fire, air, ether, mind, intelligence and false ego—altogether these eight comprise My separated material energies.
—Bhagavad-gita 7:3

So all powers, including the powers of the mind, are still within the gross and subtle material energies. Just because a person has greater power doesn't mean he's advanced spiritually. Paranormal or supernatural powers have absolutely nothing to do with spiritual advancement or realization. To those who would disagree with me, I point out the innumerable cases in history of great ascetics and psychics in India and China who were vain and materialistic, and who used their powers for evil purposes. In several instances they even challenged the Supreme Lord Himself. For example, Hiranyakashipu was such a great mystic yogi that we can barely imagine his strength. Yet his consciousness was completely materialistic.

QUESTION: But the Transcendental Meditation people say that in order to have supernormal powers you need to have a perfectly clear nervous system, and that when the subtle nervous system is dear, good character results.

JAGAD GURU: Then how do you explain Hiranyakashipu and other great asuras who had so much power? Hiranyakashipu had such perfect control of his life air and the nervous system that he engaged in his austerities for hundreds of years without drinking, eating, or moving. The paltry psychics and kundalini-yogis of today could not even get near such a feat as Hiranyakashipu's. But was he of perfect character? Of course not. It's crazy to think that power, psychic or otherwise, is never in the hands of materialists.

A fly does not have to take TM or any course in practicing how to fly. He floats in the air, does he not? Does this bring him closer to the Supreme? This fly, who lives in some of the filthiest places, has the ability to levitate. Yet he is not necessarily spiritually advanced. So what is the actual spiritual gain? Nothing.

In India, many people spend years and years trying to develop the ability to live underwater. They can go underwater for many days without having to breathe outside. They become very proud. But what is the actual gain? Even a fish can live underwater.

As my song, Mystic Yogi Man, says, "As for these guys who can live underwater, I know some fish, they're a hundred times smarter." A mystic yogi man may be able to live underwater, but does that mean that he is closer to the Supreme? There is a kind of tree-fish that can live underwater or outside on the bank, and also fly in the air. Because he can live both on land and underwater and can levitate, does this mean he is closer to the Lord, more advanced?

So are you going to spend all your time and energy trying to develop what the flies or the fish have already got? This is crazy.