In love for the Supreme Lord, you cannot be something else's servant. You can only be the servant of the Supreme Being exclusively. Therefore, Jesus Christ says that you cannot serve two masters at the same time. You cannot serve both God and mammon simultaneously. The reason is that loving service to the Lord means complete, wholehearted, exclusive surrender: "I give my life to You. My senses belong to You. You are the Lord, Enjoyer, Master and Owner; and I am Your servant. Everything I possess, I use for Your pleasure.”

I, then, am no longer the enjoyer. In lust, however, the person is immersed in what type of consciousness?

AUDIENCE: He's only concerned about his own personal enjoyment and how to get it.

JAGAD GURU: Right. So if a person is immersed in his own enjoyment, how can he be simultaneously thinking about the pleasure of the Supreme Person? It's not possible. He thinks he is the Supreme. He's feeling he's the enjoyer. In other words, he's convinced, "I'm in the center and everything revolves around me. The universe is here for me to enjoy. Different things and people's bodies exist for me to use and enjoy. These are mine."

Ultimately, the enjoyer consciousness is connected with the ownership consciousness. I—me—mine! These are mine to enjoy. From childhood, we're claiming ownership. Why? So we can be the enjoyers.

But in love, the consciousness is totally different. Love for the Supreme Person is totally different. The Supreme Being is the Owner, the Enjoyer; and you exist as His servant And from where does your pleasure and your happiness come from?

AUDIENCE: From being the servant.

JAGAD GURU: Yes, from being the enjoyed. Your natural function and role is being the enjoyed while the Lord's natural function is being the Enjoyer. In other words, you're dominated spirit soul. You're part and parcel of the Supreme Soul, but you are not the Supreme Lord. Therefore, the condition in which you will be actually satisfied is where you are rendering loving service to the Supreme.

Lust and love for the Supreme cannot be there at the same time. Love for the Supreme Beloved is pure light; lust is a cloud-like covering of darkness. When love for the Lord arises within the heart of the living being, then lust automatically disappears just like darkness dissipates when the sun comes up.

AUDIENCE: Can you not say, "I like the sun and I like the darkness at the same time.?"

JAGAD GURU: The only reason a person would want to hold onto the darkness is because he does not want the sun. You cannot say, "Well, I want the sun but I want to keep some darkness." You have to choose one of them.