Glossary Of Sanskrit Terms M-O

Madana – Cupid, the demigod who incites lust in living beings.
Madana-mohana – the Supreme Lord, Krsna, who enchants even Cupid.
Madhai – [See:] Jagai and Madhai
Madhukari – a system of begging adopted by a mendicant.
Madhurya-lila – Lord Krsna's pastimes of conjugal love with His eternal associates.

The limitations of the material mind cause many shortcomings for those who try to approach the Absolute Truth by reason alone.
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Madhurya-rasa – the spiritual relationship in which the Supreme Lord and His devotee reciprocate as lovers.
Madhusudana – the Supreme Lord, Krsna, killer of the demon Madhu.
Madhvacarya-a great thirteenth – century Vaisnava spiritual master who preached the theistic philosophy of pure dualism.
Madri-the co – wife (with Kunti) of King Pandu and the mother of Nakula and Sahadeva.
Magadha – a province of ancient India.
Mahabharata – Vyasadeva's epic history of greater India, which includes the events of the Kuruksetra war and the narration of [Bhagavad- gita].
Mahabharata-tatparya-nirnaya – Madhvacarya's version of [Mahabharata.]
Maha-bhava – the highest stage of love of God.
Mahadeva – [See:] Siva
Mahajanas-great self – realized souls, authorities on the science of Krsna consciousness.
Maha-laksmi – [See:] Laksmi
Maha-mantra – the great chant for deliverance: Hare Krsna, Hare Krsna, Krsna Krsna, Hare Hare/ Hare Rama, Hare Rama, Rama Rama, Ha re Hare.
Mahamaya – the illusory, material energy of the Supreme Lord.
Maha-prasadam – the remnants of food directly offered to the Deity of Lord Krsna.
Maha-purusa – the Supreme Lord, who is the supreme enjoyer.
Maharaja – a title for a great king or sage.
Maha-ratha – a powerful warrior who can singlehandedly fight against ten thousand others.
Maharloka – a heavenly planet.
Maha-roga – severe illness.
Mahatma – a "great soul," an exalted devotee of Lord Krsna.
Mahat-tattva – the original, undifferentiated form of the total material energy, from which the material world is manifested.
Maha-Visnu – the expansion of the Supreme Lord from whom all material universes emanate.
Mahendra – Lord Indra, the King of heaven.
Mahesvara – [See:] Siva
Mahima – the mystic ability to become unlimitedly large.
Maitreya Muni – the great sage who spoke [Srimad-Bhagavatam] to Vidura.
Makara-dhvaja – [See:] Cupid
Manasa-ganga – a sacred river that flows in Vrndavana along part of the base of Govardhana Hill.
Mangala-arati – the daily predawn worship ceremony knowing the Deity of the Supreme Lord.