Beyond Psychic Powers (Part 1)


CIA, NSA investigate astral projection

The Washington Post has learned that the CIA and the NSA (National Security Administration) participated in a series of highly unusual but successful experiments using astral projection and other psychic phenomena to spy on military installations.

The CIA/NSA experiments were uncovered by Post writer John Wilhelm, who published a book on psychic phenomena called The Search for Superman. According to Wilhelm, the most bizarre experiments involved two high-ranking scientologists—Ingo Swann and Pat Price—who were able to leave their bodies and view locations halfway around the globe. This process is commonly known as astral projection or remote viewing.

According to Wilhelm, Price and Swann were able to project themselves into secret military installations both here and in the Soviet Union, knowing only the geographical coordinates of the installations.

Working with the CIA, Price reportedly projected himself into a secret underground military installation in Virginia, which was used to spy on Soviet satellites. He allegedly entered the installation and then told the CIA what was contained in their secret files, including code names. Price also remotely viewed a Soviet installation which he then described and even sketched in minute detail—visions of helipads and railroad tracks leading to a mountainside radio antenna. He even recorded observations of "an unusually high ratio of women to men" employees who worked at the installation at night.

The psychic experiments were conducted in 1974 at the Stanford Research Institute, where both Swann and Price were carefully monitored and subjected to rigorous controls by CIA agents. Upon learning of their psychic feats, one government security officer remarked, "Hell, there's no security left." And another CIA scientist who monitored the experiments believed he had encountered "a potential Class A espionage agent ... who could roam psy-chically anywhere in the world, ferreting secrets undetected." This, he added, was "in fact, the perfect spy."


It seems that Robert Toth, the Los Angeles Times reporter who was held and interrogated by Russian secret police before he was allowed to return to the U.S., may have indeed received "state secrets" as the Soviet government claimed.

According to the Washington Post, Toth was given a paper entitled "Mitogenetic Radiation" by a Soviet laboratory chief at the Moscow Institute of Medical Biological Preparation. The paper reportedly contained studies which showed that psychic phenomena could be explained by traditional scientific theories, such as quantum physics. And psychic phenomena, according to both the CIA and the U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), is being heavily studied for espionage applications in the U.S.S.R.

A recent DIA report claims that the Russians are capable of influencing human behavior through mental telepathy, or psychic communication. By using a sort of psychic double whammy, the Russians can allegedly affect a person's health, knock someone out, or even kill. And according to the DIA, "other Soviet tests [have involved) sending anxiety sensations associated with suffocation ... or a dizzying blow to the head" to persons through telepathy or television signals. The DIA fears such telepathic suggestions could disarm American or Allied personnel stationed at nuclear weapons sites.