Beyond Psychic Powers (Part 6)

QUESTION: You have visited the Philippines, where there is a very great interest in psychic powers. There are people of whom others are afraid, because they are thought to have some kind of power. Sometimes these people attract followers and they control their followers out of fear. What is the situation of these people?

JAGAD GURU: After I spoke at the Intercontinental Hotel in Manila, one group of young boys and girls came to see me. They told me that their teacher, who they didn't want to name, was exploiting them. He was just taking their money and enjoying life. They said they had realized that he was not actually a follower of God.

Now they were trying to figure out how to get out of his grip. They had seen his powers and they were afraid he would harm them. So they asked me, "What can he do to us with his powers?" I told them, "I'll play my song that I wrote as a reply to these mystic yogis." Here are the words:


I know a mystic yogi man, he knows how to levitate
Raises himself six feet off the ground and likes to make us think he's great
But I know some flies who can do the same thing nobody calls these stinking flies kings
As far as these guys who can live underwater
I know some fish, they're a hundred times smarter
Chorus: Mystic yogi man, the newest game, the newest scam
I know a mystic yogi man, he gives his disciples electric shocks
He generates electricity and frazzles their brains, now they say they're free
There's another mystic yogi man who crosses the river by walking on water
But I can cross the river by catching a boat, so he's only got ten cents' worth of power
Chorus: Mystic yogi man, the newest game, the newest scam
I know a supernatural man who spends his time bending spoons with his mind
He astral travels all over the place and hopes one day to make a planet in space
There's another mystic yogi man who spends his time controlling minds
Though he's the biggest crook in the world, he tries to make people think he's fine
Though he has the hardest heart, people believe whatever he says
Now they think that he is God. They bow their heads and offer him prayers
Chorus: Mystic yogi man. The newest game, the newest scam

Scam means an operation, or a cheating business. So I told them, "You need not be afraid of this fellow. If you take shelter in the Supreme Person, you don't need to be afraid of any mystic yogi. There's no need to fear them because the Lord will protect you. Mystic yogis may be able to harm others but they cannot touch a devotee.

Prahlad is an example. He was protected from the greatest yogi demon, Hiranyakashipu. If you know you're not the body, and you surrender to the Supreme Lord, the Supreme Spirit— if you sing His Names—then no mystic yogi, especially these baby psychics, can cause you any trouble.