Glossary Of Sanskrit Terms A-B

Ananda – spiritual bliss.
Ananda-cinmaya-rasa-vigraha – the personal, spiritual form of bliss and knowledge.
Anandamaya – full of bliss in spiritual realization; Krsna conscious.
Ananta – the Lord's thousand-headed serpent incarnation, who serves as the bed of Visnu and sustains the planets on His hoods.
Anartha-nivrtti – a stage in the progressive development of devotion to Lord Krsna in which one is freed from unwanted desires and karmic reactions.
Anga Maharaja – the father of King Vena.

The sun generates innumerable rays of sunshine, and this sunshine pervades the entire solar system. Although the influence of the sun is spread everywhere in the form of sunshine, the sunglobe itself can always be perceived to be in some particular place in the vast universal sky. The sun is thus simultaneously all – pervading and yet localized. The same situation is true of the Absolute Truth. The Absolute Truth is both personal and impersonal. In His personal form, He is locally situated, but in His impersonal form, He is all – pervasive.
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Angira – one of the seven great sages born directly from Brahma.
Anilayama – the discipline of controlling the breathing process.
Anima – the mystic power to become as small as an atom.
Aniruddha – one of the four original epansions of Lord Krsna in the spiritual world; also, a grandson of Lord Krsna.
Annamaya – (consciousness) absorbed only in food.
Anna-prasana – the ceremony of offering a child his first food grains; one of the ten purificatory [samskaras].
Antardhana – Vijitasva, the eldest son of King Prthu.
Antariksa – outer space.
Antaryami – the epansion of the Supreme Lord situated in everyone's heart as the Supersoul.
Antyajas – one of the seven mied castes lower than [sudra].
Anubhava – the resultant outward manifestations of a devotee's loving sentiments for Krsna.
Apara-prakrti – the inferior, material energy of the Lord (matter).
Apavarga – liberation from [pavarga,] the miseries of material eistence.
Apipasa – desiring only to perform devotional service to Krsna.
Aprakrta – transcendental to material nature.
Aprameya – immeasurable.
Apsaras – the dancing girls of heaven.
Arati – a ceremony for greeting the Lord with chanting and offerings of food, lamps, fans, flowers and incense.